Music Monday: The 20/20 Experience

by - 3:30 PM

Hello! This Music Monday is a two for one. In one of my 100 Happy Days posts, I shared that my parents got me tickets to see Justin Timberlake for my birthday (best parents ever, am I right?). That concert came and went in December, and I realized that I never told you anything about it! I'm going to give you a run down of the setlist and my thoughts/experience (hint: it was perfect).

The first thing about this concert that made it different from anything I've every been to is that he didn't have an opening act. The show started at 8, and it started with him. The show lasted about 3 hours total with a 10 minute intermission in the middle and a 2 song encore at the end. Here is what the set list looked like. 
  1. Pusher Love Girl
  2. Gimme What I Don't Know (I Want)
  3. Rock Your Body
  4. Don't Hold the Wall
  5. FutureSex/LoveSound
  6. Like I Love You
  7. My Love
  8. TKO
  9. Summer Love
  10. LoveStoned
  11. Until the End of Time
  12. Holy Grail
  13. Cry Me a River
  14. Only When I Walk Away
  15. Friends in Low Places w/ Garth Brooks
  16. Drink You Away
  17. Tunnel Vision
  18. Señorita
  19. Let the Groove Get In
  20. Heartbreak Hotel
  21. Not a Bad Thing
  22. Human Nature
  23. What Goes Around Comes Around
  24. Take Back the Night
  25. Jungle Boogie
  26. Murder
  27. Poison
  28. Suit & Tie
  29. Sexy Back
  30. Mirrors
So obviously, he covered all the bases, and I'm sure no one left feeling like he missed something. He also really worked hard to entertain the entire crowd and pay attention to every section. As you can see from the TKO picture below, our seats were pretty close to the back. Our section was right beside the VIP section on the floor, so I had my hopes high that he would make an appearance in the back. I wasn't disappointed. During Let the Groove Get In, a section of his stage lifted up and rolled all the way to the back. At one point, he was actually 6 feet directly above me. I freaked out, and the people next to us had to ask if I was okay if that gives you any idea of how I act at a show. Anyways, he spent 6 songs in the back which is more than I've ever seen an artist spend, so I appreciated that a lot. Since we were in Nashville, Garth Brooks made a surprise appearance. I'm not a giant country fan, so I was a little lost but everyone else was loving it. My favorite part of the show was Mirrors. There was a part where he set the microphone down and let the audience sing with his band. It was absolutely gorgeous. My favorite part of any show is feeling so in sync with this giant group of people around you because you are all there for the same reason. All in all, his tickets are pricey, but I think they are more than worth it. He's one of the best entertainers that is around currently, so getting a chance to see him is one for the bucket list. I've got a few pictures to share below. I'm planning on doing the same kind of two-for-one idea next week to give you a run down on the Sam Smith show I went to. Hope you'll be back for that!

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