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Kimono: River Island (other patterns available here) // Shirt: H&M // Capris: Old Navy (similar) // Shoes: Steve Madden // Watch: Kate Spade // Bracelet: Live Lokai // Nails: OPI Embrace the Grey

Hope you all have had a great week! I picked this kimono up from Asos last semester and never got a chance to highlight here. I thought it was about time that I shared it for a few reasons. First, I'm personally obsessed with it. It is beautifully embroidered, the fringe is so fun, and it fits perfectly into my generally monochromatic wardrobe. Second, kimonos are a great option for spring outerwear. My outfits rely heavily on cardigans and jackets in the winter to bring some interest to them. Kimonos are the best alternative to those that I have found for spring. They are lightweight and can be found in patterns to fit every person's taste. I love having them available to bring life into my outfits for class and work. Also as they have been quite trendy the past few seasons, they are readily available at places like Target and Forever 21.

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