DIY Giant Photo Collage

by - 8:05 PM

While I am home, I wanted to share how I have displayed the pictures in my room. I plan to share my dorm room wall whenever I have finished putting all the pictures up. Anyways, I'm the kind of person who loves pictures. A printed picture is just so much better to me than one on a computer. Also, I'm the kind of person who loves to fill up wall space. If there is an open spot, I want to find something for it. Put those two things together, and you get a giant collage in my dorm room and at home. I'm really pleased with the way the one at home turned out, so I thought I would share that one first.

I saw something like this online somewhere and became obsessed with the idea. I think this is a precious way to display tons of pictures of your closest friends or your favorite celebrities. I have a good mixture of both on mine. All I needed was some twine, push pins, paper clips, poster board, glitter letters, scrapbooking paper, and the pictures of course. I picked up everything but the glitter letters at Target. I got the letters at Michael's, and I printed the pictures at CVS where it only like 25 cents a photo. Also, I ripped a ton of things out of magazines which is where a lot of the celebrity things came from. 
I started by putting a big square up with the twine and push pins. I put up 2 rows of string on the sides, to help the pictures hang straight. I filled the outer square with pictures first. After choosing my pictures, I just attached them with the paperclips that I had bought.
For the inside, I started with the poster board heart. I would suggest using a poster rather than trying to stick the letters to the wall. They fell off the wall after a day when I tried that. I decided to hot glue them to the poster board to make sure they stayed up this time. You can pick any phrase you like that you feel applies to the pictures you are going to put up. I do love the one I chose as all the people on my wall certainly light up my world. All the pictures in the middle are taped to different pieces of scrapbook paper which I cut to fit the area I needed it in. It leaves a cute pattern peeking through, and you get to use less push pins. 
In all it's glory!
I've had it up for about 6 months, and it is still going strong. I get more obsessed with it every time I come home, and it is probably my favorite thing to look at in my house. I hope this gives you some room inspiration. I will hopefully have the dorm one up soon! What is your favorite way to hang pictures?

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