Lime Crime Venus Palette Dupe!

by - 8:00 AM

I mentioned that I had been wanting some "in your face" red eyeshadow in this post where I talked about a Modern Renaissance Dupe. I went to see twenty one pilots in early March and wanted my makeup to go with their general aesthetics which are red and black. I'd been itching to wear black lipstick for a while, and their drummer Josh Dun wears red eye makeup. I figured this was the perfect opportunity to go all out. I've always been interested in Lime Crime, but I know there are a lot of shady things to be said about their business. I'd been staring at the Venus palette and debating about possibly biting the bullet and ordering it when I stumbled on Hush. I spotted the Venus palette from Okalan, and I decided what's better than one palette with red eyeshadow? That's right, two palettes with red eyeshadow. With this one, you've got just enough neutrals that you could do a day to day kind of eye look, but enough color to make this palette worth a shot for what I was looking for. The mix makes it really nice for travel because you can go neutral or more daring. The inside also looks just like the original Venus palette. I'm obsessed. The quality is incredible especially on the mattes which make up the majority of this palette. They're so pigmented, blendable, and buildable. The shimmers are still pretty good as well, but I do find that I need a base to get as bright of an effect as I want. I'll include swatches of everything below! Also, I included a picture of how my makeup turned out for the concert that I went to! I was IN LOVE with it.

Left to Right: Venus, Shell, Aura, Creation
Left to Right: Icon, Rebirth, Divine, Muse
Thinking about doing a get ready with me type of post/video(???) soon! Let me know if that would be something you'd be interested in...

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