My Happy Week/11

by - 3:00 PM

Sweet summertime has finally arrived! I moved home last Saturday, and I have never been so relieved to have a break from school work. I'm being lazy and loving it over here. Also, I have so much more time to work on stuff for this and stay on schedule (fingers crossed). I know I didn't announce it like last time, but there will be a new style icon post going up on Saturday. This one won't be nearly as well known as Taylor Swift is, but I am obsessed with everything that she wears. If you are interested, you can google Eleanor Calder and get familiar with her style. You can also check out this article that calls her the "style icon you didn't know existed." I can't wait to share that with you. Now, here is what made me happy this week!

Hunger Games style finals week care package from the best
Ain't nobody messin' with my clique. Last day with all my favorites for this semester
Last full day with the  residents of 1207! 
It feels good to be home.
Mom caught important wishes being made. Actually, they were really stupid, but I can't
tell you or they won't come true!
My parents got me tickets to Justin Timberlake for my birthday!
Libraries are my favorite.

That's what I loved about this week. What has made you happy in the past few days?

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