OOTD: Polka Dots and Stripes Always Go Together.

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Hello! This outfit is one of my most reached for, so I thought it was about time that it got a moment in the spotlight. I'm pretty good about not rewearing things the same way, but I keep reaching for this combination. I featured the polka dot skirt in my What I Wore: July 4th post, but I wanted to share it again in a different way. This was the first step into print mixing that I took, and I've got some tips that I think makes mixing prints a bit easier down below. Hope you enjoy!

I get a ton of wear out of this skirt because of it's length. My school and job both have dress codes that it fits into perfectly. I couldn't more highly recommend picking up a skirt this length if you work in retail like I do. I have to pick up a lot of trash off the floor, and I am constantly rearranging merchandise. It's the perfect length because you are never worried that you are going to flash anybody, but you don't feel overly covered up. It is also a really great piece that can work in different seasons. 
The H&M shirt is super comfortable and one of my favorite things to throw on because it goes with pretty much everything. I was also really excited to pair a red lip and a red shoe with this look. I used my go-to red lipstick which is the Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 01 that I talked about here, and the shoes are my trusty sunglass-printed Taylor Swift Keds (if you want to see those up close and personal, you can do that here). 
Let's talk about why I love it all together. I've always been a little bit afraid of mixing prints. People say it is something you should do, but I wasn't sure until I came across this combination in my wardrobe. If you are wanting to start mixing prints, an outfit like this is a good way to get going.
Here's why I think it works. 
  1. Stripes and polka dots always go together. Both are such classic prints that they work well with practically anything including each other.
  2. The patterns are different sizes. The stripes are smaller and overall less noticeable. Where as the white polka dots function as the attention-grabbing aspect of the skirt. When mixing prints, you always want them to be different sizes to keep the outfit from being overwhelming.
  3. It's all in the family. The top and bottom are both navy and white. Sticking to the same color family is a great way to ensure that your prints will work together.
I hope this gave you a bit of inspiration to look at your closet a bit differently. Finding new ways to mix pieces together is really one of my favorite things to do.

So, how do you mix prints?

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