My Winter Uniform

by - 7:00 AM

Hello! It's been too long since I've posted an outfit of my own, and I need to take advantage of every second of this purple hair (I'm personally pretty impressed that I managed to take these photos in my backyard without my neighbors catching me). Now, I know this outfit is by no means revolutionary or super fashion forward, but I love it for its simplicity. One easy trick I've found for simplifying your life when you're stressed is building a uniform for yourself. I love anything that can make my mornings simpler and faster, so I thought it was worth a try. The basic idea here is to pick some staple pieces that you have a variety of within your wardrobe. Lately as the weather has finally changed here in Arkansas, I've been reaching for a sweater, jeans, and boots nearly every day. It's comfy, cute, and warm. Does it get any better? Also, it gives me tons of options for mixing and matching within what I already own. This is going to be the first in a short series of posts where I feature the way I style different boots. I've been absolutely loving these Madden Girl ankle boots! They go great with casual or dressy outfits. The heel is a perfect height so you don't have to sacrifice comfort. If you're needing some new boots in your life, you should definitely check out King Ranch. They have a greaquality selection for men and women in a lot of different styles in a lot of different styles for the cowboy in your life or the girl who loves her fringe! All of my outfit details and a couple of makeup ones are linked for you!


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