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Hello! One of my favorite kinds of beauty videos to watch on YouTube is empties videos. Over the course of the summer, I started collecting all the products that I have used up to throw into a post together. I'm going to give you a rundown of the products and I'll share some thoughts as well. If you want more info about any of them, you can click their names which are linked to other websites with reviews and prices. Let it be known that I have been using a lot of these products for a while. I didn't just buy them and use them all in the course of 2 months. I broke it down into categories of makeup, skincare, haircare, shower, and perfumes. Now that I've said that, let's get started.


There are two liquid eyeliners in this, and they are the Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner and the Maybelline 2 in 1 Master Duo Liquid Eyeliner. I liked them both a lot at first, but that definitely faded over time. With the Master Precise liner, the felt tip is really long and goes to a very thin point. At first, that is great because it makes getting a really nice line super easy. After about a month, the very end of the felt tip starts to dry up which makes winging your eyeliner out impossible. The Master Duo Liner is a pot that you dip your brush into. I like that because you liner isn't going to dry up. I had trouble with this brush being a little too thick for my liking. It was a bit too easy to get carried away and start looking like a raccoon. Also, the formula flaked off quite easily on me which was kind of frustrating as well. I think that the L'oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara is one of the best mascaras I have ever used. It holds a curl like no other, and it lengthened and volumized my lashes at the same time. If you don't like your mascara to dry hard, than this one isn't for you. If that doesn't bother you, I highly suggest trying this one. For my bottom lashes, I used Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express Waterproof Mascara, and it worked really nicely. 
 I used up the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer in Fair. I really liked this stuff. It has nice coverage and is easily blendable. I was having trouble with the skin around my eyes burning towards the end which I think is just a problem with my sensitive skin and the treatment aspect of this product. I still think it's a great one to try if you are on the hunt for a new drugstore concealer. To clean my brushes, I use the Johnson's Baby Shampoo. It leaves them very soft and clean. Plus, it only costs 99 cents in the travel aisle for a bottle this size.


The Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask does leave you skin feeling nice and cleansed. I don't know that it's really worth it though. It has charcoal in it which is supposed to draw impurities out of the skin. Personally, I don't feel like one minute on my face is enough time to really draw anything out of it. Also, this has menthol in it to create the heating sensation. Menthol, as an ingredient, can actually cause skin irritation. I didn't have any problems with it, but that was a common problem that I saw online. I got a sample of the Merle Norman Nightly Moisture Cream in one of the free gifts with purchase that they do seasonally. I liked it, but I much prefer my First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream to this one. A pack of Cotton Rounds is always a necessity to remove eye makeup. I also finished up a bottle of Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover shortly after I had taken the picture for this post. 
I used up A LOT of different kinds of makeup wipes in the the past few months. I've been on the hunt for something that wouldn't burn the skin around my eyes, so I could use it on my entire face. That makeup wipe has yet to be found. I tried the Yes to Cucumbers Makeup Removing WipesYes to Blueberries Makeup Removing Wipes, and Olay Fresh Effects Everything Off Makeup Removing Wipes. They all got my makeup off really well, but they weren't worth the burning to deal with. I chose to try all of these on YouTube recommendations from people saying that they didn't burn their skin, so I'm sure if your skin isn't as crazy sensitive as mine that one of these will work nicely for you. I particularly love the packaging of the Yes to Wipes because the package is truly resealable (which keeps the wipes from drying out over time) unlike most wipes from the drugstore. They have 4 or 5 different options, so I would check out that brand first. Lastly, I tried the Almay Eye Makeup Remover Pads. These come presoaked in product which is convenient, but the pads were a little too small for me. I like to cover my whole eye with the makeup removing pad, and let it sit there for a second to give it time to break down any mascara or waterproof eyeliner. These weren't big enough to do that.


When I first bleached my hair, I chose the Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Conditioner and shampoo as well. Together, they really made my hair overly greasy which is why I abandoned the shampoo a long time ago. The conditioner worked fine and left my hair soft. I'm really not too picky about it. I liked the way it smelled, so I went ahead and finished it up. I finished my second can of Batiste Dry Shampoo in Deep Dark Brown. I love this stuff because it doesn't leave that gray cast on your hair, and you don't have to worry about white residue. It also really does clean your hair. You can pick it up at Ulta, and they have one to match most hair colors.

Shower Things

I really love the Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash. It lathers well, and it really absorbs into your skin. Also, I really love the smell of it because it is clean and fresh. I think it smells a lot like the traditional Dove bar soap does just in liquid form. The product inside the EOS Travel Size Shaving Cream is amazing, but the packaging is terrible. You can't get a product that thick successful out of a package that is designed the way it is. I was having to take the top off and scoop it out after the first time I used it. The EOS shaving cream is really great because it really feels more like a lotion. It leaves you legs super moisturized and smells so nice (I love the strawberry scent personally). Just spend the extra two dollars, and get the real product with a pump.


The VS Bombshells in Bloom Sample was really light and summery. If you aren't following Victoria's Secret on Instagram, you need to just for the posts they do about this. Every few Saturdays, they post that it is "Sample Saturday." All you have to do is go into the store, and try something on to get the free sample of whatever it is. The past few ones have been perfumes because VS has about a million of those. The tiny bottle they gave me lasted about a week and half, so I'm definitely hoping to pick up more samples in the future. The Katy Perry Purr Perfume is a completely different story. I think I've had this bottle since high school, and I don't know how it is has lasted me this long. I didn't really learn where to spray perfume until I went to college, so I spent a lot of time just doing a couple sprays and walking through them. The scent is fresh and a tad bit fruity in my opinion. This is definitely my favorite of her 4 perfumes, and the bottle is adorable. I don't even like cats that much, but I'm still a sucker for it.

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Oh man, that was a lot of products. Hopefully, you found it interesting to see what another person has used to the last drop. What products have you finished lately and loved?

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  1. I know you said you were having trouble trying to find makeup wipes because of your sensative skin, I really struggle with this as well because my skin burns and can become very tender. I tried the simple facial cleansing wipes and they worked wonders! The company specializes in products for sensative skin and it really worked for me because it was easy to use at the summer camps I worked at without drying my skin out. I know all skin is different, but this one might be worth a try and can be found at target for a good price :) hope this helps, and as always I love the blog!