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Hello! First things first, I know this post went up at 3 PM which isn't exactly the night time. Can I have a pass for the sake of alliteration? I hope so because it is one of my favorite literary devices to use (look at me using that high school AP English for something). Now to the actual content of this post…

In the past, I've been known to get a little bit addicted to television shows on Netflix. In the interest of honesty, I can really be quite the binge watcher. Finishing Breaking Bad kind of broke that habit for me because I wasn't sure how I would find something that good ever again. That one is suggestion number one if you haven't watched it already. I'm just now falling back into my old bad habits (I've found that I can't read a lot and watch Netflix, it's one or the other for me). I know I'm always looking for a good recommendation, so I thought I could share what I've been watching in case you are on the hunt for something new. I've got two shows for you today, so let's get started.

I am a lover of most everything British. Whether it is their fashion, music, or culture, I just admire it all. That love, of course, also applies to their television. British comedies aren't my favorite as their sense of humor is very different from mine, but they know how to do a drama. As I am getting into the world of British dramas, I haven't come across one that I don't like yet. Today, I am going to share the one that peaked my interest in the first place (and has recently added it's newest season to Netflix).

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Every episode is about an hour and half, so it feels like each one is a movie of its own. It is so well written and incredibly acted. The main stars are Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock and Martin Freeman as Dr. Watson. There are only 9 episodes, so it won't take you much time to get through. Commitment is a big factor when it comes to choosing a show on Netflix. While it won't take you much time to get through, waiting for the next season takes a lot of commitment. Trust me. Right now, we are getting 3 episodes every 2 years. Luckily, season 3 didn't leave us on too big of a cliff hanger which is why now is a great time to start watching it. If you liked the Robert Downey Jr. movies, you will love these. Just as many plot twists and just as big of mysteries.

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I actually just finished this one recently. It premiered 10 years ago, so I'm a little late to this ball game. I have always meant to conquer it on Netflix, and this summer its time finally came. I got so obsessed with this show. To give you an idea, I started it on June 4th and finished July 9th (I went back and checked on my Twitter). That is 6 seasons/120 episodes in 35 days. I think this show is a classic and that people will be going back to watch it for a while. One quality of shows that really get me hooked is that I can NEVER figure them out. Each episode left me more confused than the last and with more questions seeking answers. Don't worry! This one does answer a lot of them (unlike some others *cough Pretty Little Liars cough*). In some online searching, people seem to have one question left over, and it wasn't anything I even noticed. I would say give the first episodes a shot if you aren't sure. It's definitely a good one to watch during the summer time. If you get hooked like I did, you won't want to do anything else but watch this some days. The premiere episode, in which they actually crash land on the island, is some of the best television I have ever seen. It's safe to say this quickly made it's way into my shortlist of favorite shows.

Let me know if you guys like this kind of thing in the comments. It doesn't take me long at all to write, so I would be up to talk about what I'm watching if you are interested in it.

What shows have you been loving recently?

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