My Happy Week/12

by - 3:30 PM

I had a crazy but somehow relaxing first full week at home! I got to do a lot of exciting things this week involving weddings and my favorite book. I've only got 16 days left in this challenge, so let's make them count. Here is what made me happy this week!
I know you have already seen this one, but I was just really happy to have a background
that isn't my dorm room.
Time for The Fault in Our Stars movie event! 
So excited to see my favorite author and the 3 stars of the movie being made from my
favorite book
The Bell wedding with my favorite people!
Happy Mother's Day to the sweetest woman I know! I can only hope to turn out half
as incredible as you are.
Really liked this book a lot! If you are a lover of YA novels like me, particularly ones about
teenage misfits, this will be right up your alley. 

This one was actually a video post. I got to be in John Green's latest vlogbrothers video! I'm really small 
and blurry, but it still counts. I mean I got to say good morning to Hank, so I'm happy.

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What made you happy this week?

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