My Happy Week/7

by - 4:49 PM

OOOOHHH We're halfway there! Today is day 50 of the 100 happy days challenge! This week was a pretty crazy one! I was in a big show at school last weekend, so that took up pretty much every second of my time outside of class. My club did Peter Pan which explains all of the outfits you are about to see. All of that time was spent with my favorite people though, so I can't ask for anything better. Here is what made me happy this week!

Wendy and the croc coming at you from our first full show run through!
Peter Pan and Wendy!
We don't even live together yet, and we already can't get along…

First place feels so good!
Bonding with the newest addition to the family…their grandfish!
Introducing Augustus Waters: Betta Fish addition
(Can you tell I love The Fault in Our Stars yet?)
Yay for friends!

I wanted to include a few extra pictures from some the show, so those are below!
What made you happy this week?
I'm obsessed with my Wendys!

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