My Happy Week/10

by - 5:16 PM

Just wanted to start by saying that I am so sorry that I missed posting on Monday! I was at a concert in Nashville all day! It's finals week, so I didn't have any time to schedule a post either. Next Monday, I am going to try to share my favorite songs from April and a new nail idea. Be on the lookout for that! Let's get to the 100 Happy Days Challenge. This is what made me happy this week!

On Wednesdays, I wear my Mean Girls shirt.
I love this book so much that I bought a second copy with the movie cover.
Is that weird?
Great Gatsby Formal! A little party never killed nobody.
Oscar Selfie: Formal Style

Forever friend
Can't believe I was front row at Bastille!
Casually sharing an umbrella with Dan Smith, the lead singer of Bastille! You made
waiting in the rain for 2 hours so worth it.

What made you happy this week?

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