Dorm Decor

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Since this is almost my last Saturday living in my current dorm room, I wanted to share with you how I have one wall of it decorated. I took the same vibe as the giant picture collage in my room which you can see here! I just love having lots of pictures up and lots of things to look at. At home, I used pictures of me and my friends. In this one, I decided to use magazine pages because I already have a ton of personal pictures up everywhere else (including the whole side of my roommates giant dresser). Not only does that make the wall super diverse, it also makes it really easy to change. Every time I have a new magazine, I change things on my wall. I choose quotes and titles that I like, and pictures of celebrities, shoes, or clothing that I like. I just use sticky tack to put it up. I'm absolutely obsessed with how it looks. For some reason, it reminds me of a Tumblr archive which I love! I know this is super simple, but I really makes a huge difference. It makes it feel homey when you are surrounded by things that you like. That wall spans the length of my bed. The picture below is the wall behind my bed, and then the bottom is just a picture of my super cluttered desk. I give you a run down of the things in the pictures and how they are hanging in the captions. Hope some of this will give you some ideas for any room you need to decorate soon!

All of this was cut out of magazines (except the posters) and hung up with sticky tack.
We were allowed to use push pins on this wall, so all of this is hung up that way. I made the glitter British
flag myself, and my big sister in my club made the collage. The license plate is from my first car that
 got totaled. I like to have it to remind me that the Lord is always watching out for me and to
remember the kindness of the people who helped me that day.
The pictures in the back are just paper clipped onto ribbons which are help up by magnets.
Everything else is pretty self explanatory. Lots of fish supplies in this area...
Hope you liked this! What is your favorite part of your room decor?

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