My Happy Week/4

by - 11:59 PM

Sorry this is being posted a day late! Yesterday was crazy. After spending all day in class, my roommate and I ended up at an urgent care for 3 hours. We somehow are both sick with different things. Now that I have made my excuse, here is what made me happy last week.
Got inducted into Alpha Chi with 2 of my best friends
One of my professors played our Alma Mater with bag pipes
The caf finally made strawberry cupcakes
My grandma found me that magical color changing lipstick 
I found an tumblr that just posts hip hop lyrics on classic paintings.
I may have scrolled through the whole thing.
Broke out my festive socks for St. Patrick's Day
4 months later, and I am still obsessed with my ombre. I'm going to be
posting my ombre haircare soon, I think. Let me know if you would
be interested in that.
There you have it. What made you happy this week?

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