My Happy Week/3

by - 3:30 PM

I've made it to day 21 of the 100 Happy Days Challenge. That's enough days to have formed a habit of picture taking, right? I'm pretty pumped that I have managed to stick with it. So far, so good. Don't forget if you want to see these pictures in real time feel free to follow me on Instagram or Twitter @leslie_parrish on both! Here is what made me happy this week! 

Got to see my sweet Father and his Dad. Love them both broken leg and all
Nap time with the first thing my Papaw ever gave me. He gave me this
teddy bear on the day I was born, and Beary has been by my side ever since.
Spent a great 15 minutes with my long lost roommate Joanna (Here's her blog!)
Loving working at DSW! I picked up the cutest makeup bag
 and pair of boots!
Any day for my UO heart-shaped sunglasses is a good day
So you already saw this one, but I just really love my iPod guys
Beyond thrilled with my new pair of Keds from the Taylor Swift line!

So that is week 3 in the books! What has made you happy this week?

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