My Happy Week/2

by - 9:58 PM

This has been one of the hardest weeks of my life, but I have decided to continue with the 100 happy days challenge. I have a desperate need to find the little blessings in my life. For those who don't personally know me, I lost my grandfather this week. Please don't think that me doing this is in anyway a form of disrespect to him or his memory. I talked it over with my parents, and I think it will truly be best for me to continue this. So here is what made me happy this week. 

Cause free pizza tastes better
The Leaves scented candle from Bath & Body Works
On break eating animal crackers and my cat-eye game was strong that day
First choice for any car trip is always Bad Blood - Bastille
The world lost one of its  sweetest souls. I am beyond thankful to have known 
you for the 19 years that I did.  You were always so excited to hear about anything 
I had to tell you. You loved to work every room you were in, and now you have a 
giant room that I know you're working. I can't wait to see you later Papaw
Thankful for all the lessons you have ever taught me
In need of an escape
So that's week 2 completed. Have any of you started this challenge?

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