How I Style: Patterned Pants

by - 3:00 PM

Hello! I've got a fashion post for you today! I don't know about you guys, but sometimes I get bored of wearing plain old blue jeans all the time. Obviously, they are a staple that will always be in style, but you've got to switch it up sometimes. Today, I want to share how I style my pairs of patterned pants! I've got three that make a lot of appearances, so those are the ones I'll be using as examples. Here are the three outfits I put together!

My main rule when trying to style patterned pants is keeping everything else really simple. Patterns can definitely be mixed and look great together. Mixing patterns is an overwhelming task, so I find it way easier to just stick with solids on the top. Not only do I keep my tops simple, your shoes should be simple as well. It is best to stick with a classic boot or flat. If you are going for a bold pair of pants, make them the focus of the outfit. Rather than just forcing them into an outfit, work everything else out around them. Here are the outfits on me! In the first one, I paired a black sweater with pink polka dot pants. Second, I paired an acid washed pair of jeggings with a simple graphic T-shirt and a cardigan that I stole from my dad. Third, I put a high-waisted pair of striped pants with a gray crop top and my favorite chambray shirt. I really loved the way they all turned out.

I've got a really exciting fashion series coming up that I will announce soon, so get ready for that!

Do you have a favorite pair of patterned pants?

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