DIY: Home is Where the Heart is

by - 3:00 PM

Hey guys! I'm back with another DIY project. I have my dorm wall covered in pictures, and I will be sharing that with you all soon. This is the very first thing besides my posters that went on to the wall. 
The thought of doing this never even crossed my mind until I saw the map in a local restaurant. They have maps in gas stations, and they are printable online. It should be pretty easy I find one for your area even if it's just your state. I got my sharpies out and went to work. I started off with tracing the words. I think these kinds of things look coolest when you choose a few words to highlight, so I chose home and heart. After I finished that, I just found my city and drew a little heart over it. It is super easy to make, and it turns out so cute! It's definitely perfect for any college kid whose a little homesick.

If anybody makes anything like this, I would love to see it!

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