Girly Meets Grunge

by - 3:00 PM

I wanted to do a little style post for you guys today! I got inspired this week when I wore one of these outfits to class and work. I'm also rocking it today when I'm meeting Little Mix (insert fangirl screaming here). Anyways for some reason, I just felt like I had stepped out of the 90s grunge movement, and I was loving it. I'm not brave enough to go all out grunge, so I tried to mix it up. I kind of love mixing pieces that shouldn't go together in theory and making them look like they were made for each other when you put them on. That's why I choose dresses, button downs, and boots for this look in particular. Those 3 pieces act as the 3 ingredients to get this sort of girly meets grunge outfit. Here are two that I came up with in my closet.

Shirt: Forever 21
Dress: Target
Boots: Wanted
I love how subtle these outfits are. You aren't being in your face with the grunge kind of fashion, but there is still a hint of it there. If you are looking to amp up the grunge, the best way to do that is take your outer button down shirt and tie it around your waist. I don't know why, but this screams 90s to me. I really loved the way it looked with the daisy printed dress. Also if you have combat boots, pairing those with a dress always makes an entire outfit more edgy. Since I'm a 90s kid, I love seeing some trends from that decade make their way back around.

What's been your favorite trend of this winter season?

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