Christmas: Festive Nails

by - 5:10 PM

Hello! I am absolutely obsessed with painting my nails painted. They are always painted. Always. I also love to match my nails to the occasion. Whether it is a concert or a holiday, I love to include a design if possible. This Christmas I did just that. I wanted to keep it simple. I can't get too crazy, or I won't be able to paint it on my right hand (the eternal struggle of girls everywhere, am I right?). I really focused on including on the colors of the season which for me are red, green, gold, and white. I painted four of my nails red and went with an accent design on my ring finger using the three other colors. On 4 of my nails, I used the Wet n Wild Megalast nail polish in D195A Taking the Red-eye. On the accent nail, I used a gold Metal Pop polish from Charlotte Russe, Pure Ice polish in Femme Fatale, and a Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polish in White On. I can't remember exact prices on all of these as I have collected them over the year, but I know for certain they were all under $5. This is the finished look and the polishes that I used!

Now for how to get this look!

Step 1: Start off with a solid gold polish. Mine from Charlotte Russe is quite opaque, so I can get away with one coat of it. Do as many coats as you need for an opaque finish. 
Step 2: Take your green polish and apply it in 2 strokes on the nail. Don't worry to much about having clean curves as you can cover it with the white polish later.
Step 3: Trace the curve of your green with your white polish. I used a small nail art brush that I bought at Sally's Beauty Supply.

Then, you just clean it up and are ready to go! What is your favorite way to paint your nails?

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