Music Monday: My Record Player

by - 4:06 PM

Hello! I've always been a person who loves physical music. My car is packed with CDs. I still have the 120 GB video iPod because it is all that will fit the amount of music I have downloaded. I hardly ever stream anything unless it is to decide if I want to buy it. For me, music is valuable. That being said, I've been wanting a record player for a while now. Vinyl is the truest form of physical music to me. I love the warm sound and the extra bit that vinyl adds to the experience of listening to music. I finally bit the bullet and picked one out because I caught it on a great after Christmas sale. It is a Victrola 6-In-1 Turntable. It is in a vintage style which I love, and it is able to play all kinds of music. Not only can it play records, it can play CDs, the radio, bluetooth, and anything from an AUX cord. It has a 3 speed turntable and built in speakers. For a starter record player, it is perfect for me! It's giving me more of a chance to enjoy my music. If you are a total audiophile, I'd recommend looking into Audio Technica which I've heard is one of the best quality turntable out there. I've started building up my vinyl collection some and hope to be sharing that with you all in the next few weeks.

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