DIY: Repurposed Candle Jar

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Hello! I've shared a couple of DIYs with you guys before (you can check one of those out here). I've got another to share with you today. This one was inspired by a video that I saw AndreasChoice do on YouTube which I will insert below. It has tons of ideas on what to use the candle jars for if this one isn't up your alley. Personally, I use cotton in a lot of different forms when I'm getting ready and getting unready. The bags that hold cotton balls and cotton pads just get in my way, and I've never found a good place for the box of cotton swabs that I need on hand for any makeup mistakes (aka when the wings of my eyeliner are uneven or I sneeze right after putting my mascara on). When I saw her talking about repurposing her candle jars, I thought this was just the solution I needed for that problem. I've now got a place to hold all the cotton products that I normally need on a daily basis. My bathroom is definitely looking a lot cleaner and more organized. Another bright side, my cotton products actually smell like the candle scent even though the jar doesn't smell that way anymore. I'll talk about some steps for cleaning out your candle jar below. Hope you enjoy!

  1. After you've burned your candle out, put it in the freezer. I left mine in there for about 3 hours.
  2. Get a knife, and start digging out pieces of the wax. Because you froze it, it should crack pretty easily. Have some towels on hand because this part does get a bit messy.
  3. Give your jar a good rinse to get any remaining wax out. I ran the water as hot as I could get it, and then scrubbed the jar to remove the nasty black marks from when you burned it. The hot water also loosens the labels up enough for you to remove them.
  4. Pull the wicks out. They are just glued down there, so it shouldn't be too difficult.
  5. This is where it gets tricky. I couldn't get the glue residue out just by scrubbing. I ran my jar through the dishwasher, and that didn't work either. My mom was reading an article about how many different cleaning uses Coca Cola has, and she had the bright idea to put some in the jar. That is what finally did the trick for us getting the glue completely washed out.
Here are some other ideas for your candle graveyard…

Hope this got you inspired! I'm already excited to finish burning my next candle, and turn it into something else. If you do anything like this, I would love to see it!

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