Music Monday: March Favorites

by - 3:30 PM

Hey guys! In my time watching YouTube, I always see a lot of monthly favorites videos. Those are normally about beauty related things which I am hoping to get into later. I thought it might be cool to go ahead and bring that to the music side of this blog. You guys get to see what is on my iPod and what music falls into a certain category that I came up with, but this time I wanted to share what I have really been loving lately. For this one, I just took a scroll through my Recently Played to remember what I have been listening to through the month of March! This month in particular really was just about the gifts that shuffle had for me. I didn't seem to find a ton of new music. Although, I am obsessed with some of the things that I did find. Anyways, that means a lot of this is older stuff that I have rediscovered a love for. The times in music when the top 10 on iTunes just isn't changing can actually be the most refreshing time for me as a music lover. It is undoubtedly when it is easiest to take the time to explore what you already have. That means falling in love with things all over again or really listening to songs for the first time. This list is going to be a mixture of new and old. I'm trying something new this week, and I'm going to put this all on a Spotify playlist below since this list is a lot longer than usual. Hope you like it, too!

Hopefully that worked for all of you! Are there any songs that you have been loving this month?

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