Mantras and Resolutions

by - 3:30 PM

Hello and welcome to 2014! Okay, so the year started a few days ago, but it took me longer to arrive at my resolutions than usual. I really wanted to give them a lot of thought this time around. More importantly than the resolutions that I have come up, I have found some mantras and quotes that I really want to embrace this year.

The first one is to bloom where ever you are planted. I understand that some things fall outside of our control, but I still believe that our happiness is largely based on how we approach a situation. This year, I want to make the best of everything. You are where you are for a reason, and you have to keep an open mind to find it. In general, I want to have a better attitude about everything and be willing to put myself out there a bit more. The way we approach life determines the joy we find in it.

My second one comes from Hebrews 11:10 which says, "For he was looking forward to the city that has foundations, whose designer and builder is God." I actually found this verse on New Year's Day which I am going to believe is providence, but say what you will on that subject. I think this is such a beautiful concept. The Bible is speaking about Abraham here, but it is so easily applicable to everyone. I take this verse and apply it to the life that God already has planned for me. I really want to trust God more this year. I want to let Him lead me to the city that He's built and designed just for me.

On to resolutions:
Wash my face everyday. (I just get lazy sometimes).
Work out more.  
Take more pictures.
Actually try new things.
Be generally more adventerous.
Read more.
Try to get all the way through the Bible in a year. (This seems to be a recurring failed resolution).
Drink more water.
Get out of bed before 10:30 unless I have an actual excuse.
If a show I'm watching on Netflix starts getting stupid, actually stop watching it. Don't just keep going hoping it gets better.

That's all I can think of for now, but I'm sure I will be adding things in the near future. What are your resolutions for this year.

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