Music Monday: My Favorite Albums of the Year

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As 2013 is coming to an end this week, I decided that I wanted to start sharing some of my favorite things that happened in music this year. I want to start by telling you about my favorite albums that came out. Forewarning, my taste in music is all over the place, so this list will be too. Anyways, here it goes.

  • Save Rock and Roll - Fall Out Boy; This album came out in April, and it was probably the first album that I was really excited about this year. It had been years since they had put out the last one, so I was interested to hear what kind of sound they were going to go with this time. Then, they put out the singles, and I was already hooked. As soon as I heard My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark, I knew this would be a killer album . It certainly lived up to my expectations. From top to bottom, this is a solid rock album. Plus, their live show is incredible which only adds to how much I love these songs. My personal favorite songs are The Phoenix, My Songs, Alone Together, Young Volcanoes, and Save Rock and Roll.

  • AM - Arctic Monkeys; This is my most recent album discovery, but I have not been able to stop listening to it lately. All Christmas break, this has been all I have wanted to listen to. Alex Turner has got a killer voice, and the lyrics are super relatable. This album in general just feels like British rock and roll in the best way. What I love most about this album is definitely the actual music. The guitar on this album is so cool that it makes you feel cool just to listen to it. My personal favorites are Do I Wanna Know, Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High, Mad Sounds, and Arabella. 

    • Midnight Memories - One Direction; I have been excited for this album since the day that Take Me Home came out to be honest. I'm at a point where I don't even question if I am going to like things that they do anymore. I just know that I'll love it. This album is no exception. I have already done a review on this one (linked below). My personal favorite songs are Diana, Strong, Through the Dark, Better Than Words, and Does He Know. (It's honestly the whole album but whatever).

  • The 1975 - The 1975; Every year, one album surprises me. This isn't an album that I thought I would like to be honest. Once I listened to it, I fell in love. This album is weird in the best way. I am obsessed with the sound of it, Matt Healy's accent, and the lyrics that make no sense most of the time. Sometimes you just love things, and you don't know why - That is this album for me. I can put on at any time, so it kind of served as the background music to my semester. My favorites are The City, Chocolate, Heart Out, and Girls.

  • Bad Blood - Bastille; This is my favorite album of this year from my new favorite band. I'm pretty sure I could listen to Dan Smith sing all day. He could sing the phone book, and I might buy it. These boys are a new breed of rock band as they have no guitarist. They have songs that anyone can relate to, and the lyrics are beautifully written. This album has been on repeat since the day I bought it, and I'm sure that will continue into next year. I can't wait to see what they do with the rest of their career if their first album is this good. My favorites are Pompeii, Things We Lost in the Fire, Oblivion, Flaws, and Laura Palmer.

What has been your favorite album this year?

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