Music Monday: Walk Up Songs

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If you have ever attended a baseball game at any level, you may have noticed that the players get to choose a song that will play every time they walk up to bat (My personal favorite example is the member of the Atlanta Braves who used "We Can't Stop" all summer last year). I have heard my fair share of these because my older brother played baseball in high school (That photo is actually him hitting a grand slam when he played in the State Championship his senior year). I have had a playlist idea floating around in my head since the first time I heard the AM album by the Arctic Monkeys. I wanted to choose some songs that I wish would play every time I walked into a room. It happens in movies all the time. People get these incredibly cool songs that are played while they enter in slow motion (I hope you are thinking of the Mean Girls hallway scene). I've been thinking about these for a while, and it is definitely a change in genre from most of the playlists I share with you. This one has a LOT of guitar. A killer guitar riff is the key to my heart when it comes to songs that instantly make me feel cool when I listen to them. I've got 5 picked out for you today, and I'll share something about why I like it!

This is the song that inspired it all. The simple beginning beat and the classic sounding 
guitar just doesn't get old. These guys are the one of the closest things to classic rock
and roll that we have around today.

I've been obsessed with this one since Taylor Swift played it as the last song
before her show started on the Red Tour.

In my personal opinion, this is the greatest bass line ever written. Nothing more 
even needs to be said.

This is the king of this type of song for me. One of the most recognizable guitar riffs around.

You have to get about 20 seconds in before this one starts getting good. Though I don't 
find myself to be country at all, I still had to include it. I guess any Southern girl can appreciate this.

In case you needed a little reminder...

The next 2 Mondays I am going to share some album reviews with you, so be sure to come back for those!

Is there a song you wish would play when you entered a room?

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